I photoshopped an osprey and a fish

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89 Comments on “I photoshopped an osprey and a fish

  1. The eagle looks like – do you know that is possible only in your imagination? WAKE UP NEO!!!

  2. I made a timelapse for this but I can’t post the link here.

    You can find it on my profile if anyone’s interested.

  3. You were so preoccupied thinking whether or not you could, you didn’t stop to think if you should.

  4. I have seen many of these, some perhaps a bit better, many much worse. But none that bent my brain as well as this one. Something about the expressions. Congratulations. Very well done!

  5. The catfish looks like it’s having the time of it’s life while the hawk on the other hand is like, “What the hell!”

  6. People here have photoshooed much more and said much less about it. Could you please just retitle this “fish and osprey”?

  7. I looked at the picture before I read the caption and let me tell you I was real confused for a while

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