Get a cat they said, it’ll be fun they said

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37 Comments on “Get a cat they said, it’ll be fun they said

  1. Torties aren’t your typical cat. They’re tiny demons that have found their way in to Earth through cats. Adorable demons, but demons for sure.

  2. Its dentalcat – sent by the dentist to check whether you really brush all the teeth evenly for 5 minutes as you tell them at your checkup. 😉

    Might also be confused as to why you don’t appear to be using any toothpaste.

  3. I would suggest setting boundaries with kitty there. Spray bottle of water, closing the door, maybe not letting it jump on your shoulders when you’re doing stuff lol. Cute cat though.

  4. People hung up on the coat… girls young, probably remembered the coat before she remembered to brush. or the jacket is part of the outfit she threw together. It would be sillier still if she took off the jacket just to brush her teeth.

    Let the jacket go… focus on the cuteness!!

  5. I’ve learned that when I hear multiple whiney meows behind me, my cat is telling me “Human, prepare your shoulder for my ascent.”

    Fortunately, she doesn’t go crazy like yours. She just sits calmly or tries to use me to get to a higher perch.

  6. My old tortie was super playful. She would nip at my ankles when I would leave for work in the mornings, which was both annoying and adorable

  7. You can get a cream that will remove that.

    It is called thickened full cream. Just apply it generously to a plate and put it near the affected area.

  8. Hah… you went and got a tortie. They’re nuts. They’ll bond with you like no other breed… but there’s a price. Head on over to /r/torties to join the rest of us.

  9. We adopted our first cat when he was already an adult and he was super chill.

    Then we rescued a kitten and saw what it’s like when a cat goes through adolescence before they mellow out.

    Those were dark times.

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