What a shame

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  1. Ok, so hear me out, these kids are getting exercise while doing an extra curricular activity which is rare for children rn. Yeah it’s fuckin stupid to be doing dances from a video game but at least these kids are getting proper exercise and are doing a physical activity.
    Look at the bright side.

  2. Honestly I’m not surprised and at this point I’m mostly impressed at the adults giving this course by capitalizing on the situation.

  3. Yes are you joe from the exterminators

    Yea uhm do y’all exterminate pieces of shit children too.

    Oh.. you don’t

    *cocks gun* fine I will do it myself

  4. Remember when we were all kids and would get bullied for playing Minecraft? So have a little empathy and just let them do what makes them happy

  5. Congratulations and welcome to the capitalist society of America! We will literally meet any popular demand in modern culture to make a quick buck! This is not surprising in the least!

  6. Sucks being a kid these days, since if you do something “stupid” it will most likely get recorded & will get crapped on for doing it. Doing & enjoying stupid stuff is a part of being a kid. Let them enjoy it before they realize how shitty life is. I mean it’s not hurting anyone.

  7. ***HaHA FoRTNoTe BaaaD mIneCRaFt goOd 42069 NiCE ChUnGus KeanU WhOlEsonE 100*** shut. the. fuck. up. The circlejerk is cringe.

  8. Once again it’s not the game that’s bad it’s the toxic fan base it’s actually a decent game to play with a friend it’s free cross platform and a simple concept

  9. I can tolerate people playing fornite despite originating as a rip-off… but actually paying to learn these dances?

    Dissappointing is understatement…

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