The smart you have become

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40 Comments on “The smart you have become

  1. i hated being a gym teacher there was this one kid who would get out of his chair and run they he said “i need it i broke my legs” bull carp little shit

  2. Damn your teachers play with you? Mine just sit and scroll facebook for an hour, we could literally kill each other in there and they wouldn’t notice

  3. They don’t deserve more than the PE teacher, I could easily teach kids with just videos. Being a teacher is a lazy persons job. And it is a sad fact that we have these lazy teachers teaching the next generation.

    Also since I don’t leave my house I would just teach them through a monitor, similar to 1984. We will have tech to know when the students aren’t watching. Imagine having to be in person to tell a child that 2+2 is 4. What a joke.

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