But isn’t China’s national animal the Panda?

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57 Comments on “But isn’t China’s national animal the Panda?

  1. That’s why Germán always invaded them After ww starts. If you don’t seal the pandas, the odds will be against you.

  2. This is stupid. The country was called Poland before Kung Fu Panda came out.

    Everyone knows it was named after the Teletubby.

  3. Why did you take a map with other contries signed on it, now Americans gonna think Russia is only This Little piece of land

  4. It’s not after Po from Kung flu panda, it’s after the Teletubbies… I hate when people make that mistake

  5. A guy literally posted this but with Po from telitubbies. This is stealing content to a whole new level.

  6. People from other countries when their country’s name is mentioned anywhere: haha cool
    Polish people when they see Poland anywhere: HAHA O KURWA KTO Z POLSKI XD

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