you can zoom

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  1. Dear OP,

    I am writing this comment in order to inform you that I have upvoted this post. I know I know. Take a moment to breath. Take it in buddy. It’s okay. Truly, you deserve this upvote for such a fantastic post and I’m more than happy to hand it over.

    No no… Don’t thank me. (I can see you typing the comment now haha). Please please. I’m a humble man I don’t need your thanks.

    With that said I have to tell you that I will be following your progression in the fantastic world of Reddit so keep it up. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll do something worthy of my upvote again some day.

    You have a fantastic day fellow user.

    Kind regards and many thanks, From Me,

  2. Have you just tricked me into loading what i thought was a low resolution image but what was really a 32k image costing me my precious data

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