How you know you’re in a good neighborhood

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20 Comments on “How you know you’re in a good neighborhood

  1. Or a neighborhood of car enthusiasts. Or idiots. A lot of people think high octane means fast. If your car doesn’t have a compression ratio of at least 10:1 high octane fuel does more harm than good. Higher octane means slower detonation. It compensates for a higher compression.

  2. A lot of motorcycle guys use the nozzle to push the button so you don’t have to lean over to push it while sitting on the bike sport bikes tend to require premium.

  3. OP /u/Electrical_Pass is a reposting karma bot account. You will likely be able to find this post [here]('re%20in%20a%20good%20neighborhood&dataviz=false&aggs=false&search=true&start=0&end=3570664185&size=100&subreddits=funny&), you can also try searching [without the sub]('re%20in%20a%20good%20neighborhood&dataviz=false&aggs=false&search=true&start=0&end=3570664185&size=100). There may also be one or more helper bot alt accounts copying comments from the original post into this thread. The bot might also use google translate or other means to change the title to make it harder to prove reposts, which often leads to titles that are nonsensical, have poor grammar, or random stuff appended. If you are wondering “Who cares, fake internet points” or “How do you know they’re a bot, they only have a couple posts?” or “Must be a crappy bot, only has 100 karma” then please see [my wiki](

  4. By “good” you mean wealthy and white, correct? Because that’s how “they” have been defining “good” for a long time. As in *Keep America Good.*

  5. Well, as the owner of a car dealership: most modern Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda or Seat (Most German cars) and most Toyotas, Hondas, Peugeots, Citroëns and Renaults need at least 90 octane to run properly. Otherwise it would highly decrease their performance.
    In Germany we only have 95 or 105 octane because everything else does not run anymore. I would highly recommend to not use any other fuel for these modern cars…

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