Truck drivers are legends

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  1. How low of an IQ does someone need to have to think that driving truck and being away from friends and families for a long time equals to someone being lazy?

  2. Truck drivers are the real heroes in our society. Makes lots of personal sacrifactions so that the rest of us can have a better life.

  3. Am trucker. I’m pretty use to being universally hated. Only kids like us because big truck with loud horn. To everyone else on the road, we’re, at best, a necessary inconvenience.

  4. I get what this is saying but all the feeder truck drivers I meet working at ups are assholes to my supervisors

  5. Truck driving is one of the most dangerous jobs there is. Driving focused and aware for more than 8 hours everyday where everybody is a homicidal maniac trying to run into you or make you crash (and imagine seeing a fucking biker in such a large vehicle). You have a lot of responsibility for others. Sitting for a majority of your time prone to blood clots and other illnesses such as heart disease, obesity, etc. Easy to fall into a poor diet due to limited options. I wouldn’t want to do it, and they deserve every penny they make if not more.

  6. The amount of time you spend driving across the country is insane as well. Imagine trying to stay awake for 8hrs of driving especially if you already have a hard time staying awake. The toll it takes on you as well is horrible. Sitting down all day ruins your back if you don’t have excellent posture. People need to quit being so damn negative and instead find the positive in certain things.

  7. My dad is a recovery truck driver and believe me if he was lazy he would be fires pretty quickly.

  8. I imagine this guy just had a bad day around trucks. I live in the Northeast and on the highway, they’re going 80+ mph and weaving in and out of traffic like they’re cars. We usually have a handful of accidents per week, all caused by aggressive driving/texting on the truck drivers end which result in multiple car pile ups and deaths. Really wish we could develop separate lanes for trucks.

  9. Ok so wtf is this font? I see it in images like these sometimes but I don’t understand how but more importantly I don’t understand why.

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