These are facts I guess

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  1. 40% of all percentage facts are only 55% true and that depends on how 30% of the people interperate those facts. 80% of people know this but only 70% will acknowledge it 65% of the time. So really, facts are only facts if they’re really facts, a fact?

  2. No no i can explain I slipped on an ice cube and my pants fell down aswell as hers and I accidentally ended up inside her

  3. “Accidentally” yo maybe there’s and explanation for this shit. like what? She tripped, fell and landed on his dick?

  4. Oh please tell me that 65 percent is inaccurate. I came close to having the option to cheat once and I got physically ill and couldn’t stop thinking about my boyfriend and it was such an obvious effortless decision to not do it, I just can’t see it being so common for other women? Like it physically hurt that I put myself in that situation…and we didn’t even do anything.

  5. She expressed it like shit but she has a point.
    If you can’t keep giving her emotional connection, she will drift off to a man who can.

  6. “accidentally” was the part of that sentence where she comprehended what was true, and willfully chose the lie. It’s the sound of her choking on her falsehoods.

  7. men have accidentally sex too with other woman. like slipping on a banana peel and landing dick foward into that strangers pussy. and let’s be honest here, if you are already in you might aswell enjoy it. ups

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