A Good Warning

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  1. In one of cities of Russia there is a short bridge. People call it “bridge of stupidness”. Right before it there is a similar sign with text “caution, gazelle won’t pass” (gazelle – is a very small russian freight truck) The thing is regardless of that sign there are already around 150 gazelles stucked there

  2. In Queensland Australia I’ve seen a sign like this that has metal cyclinders hanging down to they actually make a sound as you hit them…and people STILL hit the bridge….

  3. Im amazed no one has [linked to 11 foot 8](http://11foot8.com/), yet. Its a website of nothing but hundreds of videos of idiots crashing trucks into a bridge with an 11’8″ clearance.

    They have a shit load of signs, laser detectors that sense when an over height truck is coming, and it activates a gigantic road sign saying “OVER HEIGHT MUST TURN” that blinks and is very bright and noticeable, and people still hit it all the time.

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