A sane mom

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  1. This is way more realistic than you might think. I developed a long term bouncy leg from bouncing my kids. With my first, my (at the time) wife would wake up, sometimes multiple times per night panicked because she had lost our son in the blankets… The thing is, he had never even slept with us, and each time I would try to convince her that he was never in bed with us, but she would assure me that *this time* he really was, and she would not be contented until I went and found him in his crib.

    Caring for newborns messes with your head.

  2. Sleep deprivation. I’ve did this on many occassions 2 years ago.

    Remember in high school when you are sitting at you desk and you slowly nod off then startle yourself awake? You get a little paranoid that people saw you and you feel a little embarassed?

    Well, it’s kinda like that except your eyes never close and you first though is that you just lost/damaged the 3 week old human being that some guy in a white coat allowed you to take home from the hospital.

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