Ladies, just hear me out please

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29 Comments on “Ladies, just hear me out please

  1. Size is nice, but technique is better.

    And at some point, you’re just stuffing a whale in a coke bottle, and that’s uncomfortable.

  2. Left, stays on for two days straight and can beat the shit out of you.. “it’s hard finding condoms that fit, and those Magnum XL’s freaking stink”

    Right, last only minutes and you lost it somewhere and can’t find it anymore. “I always eat it first, for a long time, and I always make sure to apologize before I stick it in”

  3. I’ve said it a lot here on Reddit, but…

    I think it’s hysterical that men always whine about having huge penis, meanwhile women are jumping up and down having to remind them their vaginas aren’t magic hats.

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