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  1. Kitchen Utensil Fact:
    Every house built since 1774 has a secret cabinet build behind your cabinets. This cabinet is suspended in a pocket dimension that only opens and deposits what you were frantically looking for after you have searched every room in the house.
    It also only places it in the first place you looked as a form of convenience.

  2. Second thing I learned in culinary school was how to properly click my tongs, 1st was how to hold a knife, 25yrs later when I’m on the line I still click em nonstop along with all the line cooks

  3. I also have to double tap my knife on the cutting board before using it. Let’s the knife know it’s time to get to work.

  4. How does someone use such tongs without the little metal piece that holds them together when not in use?

    Those bad boys will either take up half a drawer or attack you with fury when you pull them out of the stand up utensil holder

  5. Best tap those mofuckas on the counter a couple times too like clack clack. Then you ready to flip some shit.

  6. I have done this with a pair of tongs only to discover that they didn’t actually work. They were made from two different materials, and the part that is supposed to grip the food just broke off on one side. I guess it had a bad time in the dishwasher or something.

  7. *sigh*

    Such a rookie move.

    You absolutely already know they work.

    Because you had to close and open them 117 times to get them out of the goddamed drawer when they titled slightly upwards and you had to jam your hand back there and use that extra bend in your wrist to get them out…

  8. Read on a thread about this years ago that we do this because subconsciously we know we need to judge the closing force, so the clicky clicky is to “teach” our hands how hard to squeeze to pick up what we need to pick up, without crushing it.

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