I think its manlier to just hold the purse like a normal human.

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25 Comments on “I think its manlier to just hold the purse like a normal human.

  1. I just hold the damn thing, because that’s what a man does when his girlfriend or wife asks him to hold her purse. Hell, I’d even do that for my mom

  2. Similar to guys who wont pick up tampons for their girl.

    No one cares, just buy them/hold the purse, it doesnt mean you’re feminine it means you dont care if some idiot thinks that’s what it means.

  3. I keep on wishing that one day a girl asks me to hold her purse. Sadly, that may never happen due to my lack of arms.

  4. My wife used to do this to me. One day I thought you know she has tic tacs in this bag of holding somewhere so I started to root though it like a hog looking for a truffle.

    That purse was ripped…I say ripped! From my hands and has never been handed back going on 18 years.

    I just wanted a tic tac but stumbled on a little known strategy to her not handing her purse to me. Win win I say.

  5. Grab it like some kind of small prey you killed. Hold the strap bunched up. Tells the world that you:
    A) your masculinity is strong enough to survive holding a purse. &
    B) you have a girlfriend/wife and get laid regularly!

  6. They should do a sequel to the D in the box, but with a holding your ladies purse…if you can mentally picture what I’m saying.

  7. The guy acts as if the purse is going to dissolve his manhood, chop his penis and shrink his balls to prunes

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