EA doesn’t want to be the bad guy anymore

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50 Comments on “EA doesn’t want to be the bad guy anymore

  1. Maybe they honestly don’t the new star wars game is amazing and has no pay to win features AND is single player

  2. Its a publicity stunt. They want to make themselves look better despite the fact that they are a billion dollar company, they are probably just going to do it and get more positivity then they deserve

  3. How come people get so worked up over EA’s microtransactions? I can’t remember the last game I cared about that came from EA. Did they buy Maxis? Something from them then, probably.

    EA doesn’t even make good games. It’s like if people were really seriously upset about the myriad of awfully designed mobile games full of microtransactions.

  4. The only lootbox that would go well is if they sold a tree theme/picture for a dollar and for every dollar they recieve they double it.

  5. I think EA is not giving alot here, considering even elon musk himself gave 1M and we are talking about a single person compared to a whole company

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