2020 will be ours bros!!!

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14 Comments on “2020 will be ours bros!!!

  1. Whenever I see someone wearing “Pink” clothing, I shake my head and laugh to myself “They used the wrong color”

    -Mitch Headburg ^^^^not ^^^^really ^^^^but ^^^^I ^^^^want ^^^^it ^^^^to ^^^^be

  2. I hooked up with this chick like 15 years ago who was a complete hoe. (Found out after sleeping with her). She stole my favorite hoodie, of course. The next time I saw her and tried to get it back she opened her closet to like 50 hoodies jam packed along 10 ft of closet space. All mens hoodies. Never again lol

  3. In the year 2065, gradual evolution of social customs will position the hoodie to be the ultimate exchange in commitment to a future marriage. Proposals will involve the man giving the woman a hoodie, whereas in homosexual couples the ritual could go either way. If the proposed party dons the hoodie, the proposal is accepted and the crowds cheer. If the hoodie is returned, the exchange is forgotten about as quickly as is possible. Boutique hoodie shops become a bustling industry with spun gold threads and diamond inserts in the hood itself. Engagement hoodies and wedding hoodies develop diverging styles and launch entire industries to their production, sale, and advertisement

  4. When my husband and i first started dating. He hoodie jacked me. We where somewhere and he was cold, we are about the same size. So i took it off and gave it to him. He said that’s how he knew we should get married. I just put a new zipper on it for christmas 7 years later.

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