My attempt at making spiders less terrifying

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145 Comments on “My attempt at making spiders less terrifying

  1. Cool, I’m really into spiders that can stare at me like this just after doing a 360 with it’s fucking head… Thank you

  2. Less terrifying? It can now turn its head and see behind itself. How is this less terrifying?


    Looks pretty cool though 😛

  3. Great… You’ve manage to take the terrifying Linda Blair, head spinning shit that owls can do and smashed it together the 8 legged terror known as a spider. It’s a spider that rotate it’s head 360 degrees. It’s like if the Exorcist and Arachnophobia had a baby. You, sir, are a terrible person.

  4. OwlSpiderman! OwlSpiderman! Can do anything an OwlSpider can! Freaks you out! Spins around! He even scares the creepy clowns! Look out! OwlSpiderMan!

  5. Great now I have the idea of a spider with even bigger eyes and they cannrotate their head like the girl from the exorcist. Lol.

  6. You’ve just accomplished the exact opposite of what you set out to achieve. Because owls can turn their heads 360 degrees, you’ve just created the Exorcist of Spiders.

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